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Art From Ocean

As an avid diver, I have been fascinated by marine life, especially their striking characters with  various colors and morphological patterns seen such as in nudibranchs and tropical fishes.  How these creatures got these colors and the patterns? Starting from taking underwater photos,  I tried to extract the components and present as new images. During the procedure, sometimes I came to discover what really is the component of a particular creature and was stunned by the unexpected outcome. In some images you may easily recognize the original marine life. In others, say, only rhinophores of a nudibranch are retained in a created image and you would not know what it was originally, unless  informed. It is a new endeavor and the experience of a different way to see the sealife as an art. Also I go back to my starting point and reassure the notion that "Nature is an artist". I do hope you would enjoy my art through the images presented here.


For your reference, in addition to titles, names of the original marine life were added to Gallery. 

Kiyoshi Okada

Giant clam; Original photo
Underwater treasure
What I did on photos

Giant clams can be seen in many areas in the Pacific water, and I saw this giant clam (Left) in Ono Island, Fiji. It had a very special character that its mantle had golden spots. I had not seen that kind of color on the clam and wanted to make it as an art as shown below. 

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